Found was formed in an unknown sector of intergalactic deep space. Found’s purpose is to break barriers in sound, invoke euphoria, and embark into the unknown. Inspired by space, technology, the future, deep-sea, and mythology, Found brings these items together through powerful and moving tracks. Found invites all to join the FINDERS to embark on a continual journey through space and time together. Having regular music releases is important to Found to ensure the catalog is fresh and update. Found has worked with Gabriel & Dresden, 7 Skies, David Leeds, JES, Elevven, and other Armada artists. Continually developing, refining, and growing to provide the FINDERS the most euphoric and out of this world experience imaginable. From the outer rings of Jupiter to the lost city of Atlantis Found’s mission is to bring the FINDERS on a voyage of discover and exploration.

So join us…but remember…you must never look back.